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Cleiton Silva is on the verge of history as he looks to become the latest Brazilian to win a world title for BRAVE Combat Federation.

It has been a long and winding road for the Lightweight contender.

Born and raised in Belo Horizonte, he has turned to martial arts in order to save his own life.

Known in his neighborhood for his short temper and a liking for street fighting, Cleiton was always caught in aggressive discussions that often turned into full-blo

Alice and Caio have little to no idea of what their father does for a living. They only know Gabriel Miranda, their loving and caring daddy.

BRAVE CF Featherweight contender Gabriel "Fly" is a whole different animal from the family man. One of the promotion's best submission artists, he's known for his flying submissions and ever-improving stand-up game.

A black belt in jiu-jitsu and a teacher of the gentle art, Gabriel is on a path to destruction.

He wants to take

Even if he wanted to, Marcel Adur could not get away from fighting or mixed martial arts. The old cliche of living and breathing MMA rings true to his ears.

A BRAVE CF Flyweight contender, the Brazilian prospect is tuned in to fighting at all times. His social media is filled with training videos and photos.

The only person that shares that much space with fighting in his life (and his Instagram feed) is his girlfriend, Nicolle Caliari.

A native of Santa Ca

A decorated judo representative, with the looks and skills to become a phenom, Luana Pinheiro wasn't having enough fun on the mats.

She wanted the accolades, the adrenaline and the rush of fighting mixed martial arts, and she ran with the opportunity of changing the gi to the 4oz gloves.

After not qualifying for the Olympic Games in her home country, back in 2016, Luana made the definitive move to mixed martial arts, which would turn her life upside down.

Ten fights. Eight weight-classes. A night of madness.

BRAVE 25 takes the fastest-growing MMA promotion in the world back to the home of mixed martial arts for the fourth time.

Brazil is the second home of BRAVE Combat Federation, and the promotion goes the extra mile to always deliver a huge event.

BRAVE 25 is no exception.

From the first fight to the last, there will be no stop to the action.

The card will feature local heroes, Brazil

Luan "Miau" Santiago is back. In his native Brazil, the BRAVE Lightweight world champion will defend his title against dangerous contender Cleiton "Predator" Silva.

Even though he's only 24-years-old, Luan has fought around the world, thanks to BRAVE Combat Federation.

In April of this year, he went to Jordan as Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady's first challenger.

Al-Selwady is one of Jordanian MMA heroes, a young man who needs no i

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