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World champion Nkosi Ndebele vows to be the face of BRAVE CF in Africa, wants title defense in Mauritius

Mar 24, 2024

BRAVE Combat Federation Bantamweight world champion Nkosi Ndebele is planning to have a busy year in 2024 and is excited about the organization's plans for the year. He has revealed he would like to defend his belt in three different continents in the next few months, starting with a return to his continent of Africa. 
The most global MMA organization in the world, BRAVE CF has so far announced nine events for 2024 spread across three continents and eight countries. From this calendar, one event that interests Nkosi the most is BRAVE CF’s debut show in Mauritius on May 11.
The event will mark the organization’s return to Africa and Nkosi’s fellow African fighters like Eliezer Kubanza and Nicholas Hwende have already expressed their desire to be part of the card.
Nkosi has gone one step further and entered into camp early at Soma Fight Club in Indonesia with the expectation of defending his title in Mauritius.
‘’I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to get three title defenses this year, you know? I want to keep busy! And I know BRAVE CF has already put together a big list of events all over the world. So my idea is to defend my title in three continents! Starting with my own, I want to main event in Mauritius, then go on to fight in Slovenia, and then close the year in my second home of Bahrain. I love Bahrain. That’s the plan for ‘’The Future’’!’’ Nkosi said.
BRAVE Combat Federation is the only international promotion to host events in the continent of Africa and Nkosi points out that the development that the organization has been able to bring to the region has been unmatched.
‘’The return of BRAVE CF to Africa is really awesome. They have given a lot of opportunities to African fighters, and I think that we’ll see a lot more opportunities on the Mauritius card, and that’s why I want to fight there. I feel like, at this stage, I’m leading BRAVE CF into Africa, and I want to be the face for them on the continent. So, to have the opportunity to defend my belt in Africa would be amazing’’ Nkosi concluded.
The South African won the world title at BRAVE CF 80 back in December 2023 when he forced his arch-rival Jose ‘’Shorty’’ Torres to quit in the third round of their fight. After the win, Nkosi has received the plaudits of his home fans and is expected to return to competition sooner rather than later. When he does get back into the BRAVE CF Arena, there will be shortage of appealing match-ups awaiting the new king, including a historic trilogy with Torres or showdowns with the likes of Velimurad Alkhasov and Nicholas Hwende, with all of them having called out Ndebele in the last weeks.

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