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Slovenia return a massive success with history-making moments for Europe and BRAVE CF


Posted on Apr 25, 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation drew the eyes of the sporting world to Central Europe when the promotion returned to Ljubljana, Slovenia, for BRAVE CF 70 last Sunday. Slovenia made history this past weekend as the nation hosted BRAVE CF’s 20th European event since June 2018 - a milestone in the organization's young seven-year existence. BRAVE CF 70  was co-promoted in partnership with leading regional organization, WFC, which returned to action with WFC 25.
In the build-up to Central Europe’s largest MMA event yet, BRAVE CF brought about a buzz on ground zero and rebranded Slovenia’s capital, with a week-long build-up of mixed martial arts activities as sixteen of the world's best professional fighters engaged with fans and showcased their talents in venues across the city before BRAVE CF turned up the heat with a live open workout show in Aleja Mall in Ljubljana.
Just last year, BRAVE Combat Federation cemented its title as the most-global MMA promotion after Germany became the 28th nation to host a BRAVE CF event. In addition to the 20 BRAVE CF events held in Europe this far, the Bahrain-born brand has established itself as the number-one ranked organization in the “Peninsula of Peninsulas” having rolled out high-level MMA productions in eleven countries on the continent to date, as well as having the largest market share in the continent.
BRAVE Combat Federation has impacted various regions in Europe by giving rise to regional MMA promotions, uplifting athletes, and empowering economies as international fans flocked in to witness the fastest-growing sport on the planet. Earlier this year, BRAVE CF left an incredible mark on the Balkan region when the BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week rolled out, bringing with it the IMMAF World Championships and BRAVE CF 69.
The event was a raging success as more than 550 athletes from 60-plus countries arrived in Belgrade, Serbia, to perform in Europe’s largest combat sports festival. The event positively shook Serbia's economy as MMA enthusiasts crossed the border to attend the week-long fight festival that gave rise to hundreds of stars. This past week in Ljubljana, BRAVE CF brought a similar impact as more professional stars shone on the most-global MMA platform.
BRAVE CF first traveled to Slovenia in January 2020 for the successful BRAVE CF 34 show. BRAVE CF’s second visit to the country will now leave a long-lasting effect on the region as BRAVE CF broke new ground by shining a light on the region’s MMA talent and overall sporting infrastructure following a successful event in the sold-out Hala Tivoli Arena where 16 athletes from 12 nations performed.

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