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Saidjamolov vows to outbox Kubanychbek at BRAVE CF 46: "I'm much better than him"

Jan 07, 2021

BRAVE CF newcomer Jahongir Saidjamolov has a tough task ahead in his promotion debut. The Tajikistan national will take on Kyrgyzstan's Abdisalam Kubanychiev in a main-card featured bout.

Saidjamolov knows that his opponent is one of the most promising fighters to have joined BRAVE CF’s roster in recent years, who’s on a two-knockout streak. Despite that, Jahongir is confident he’s the better striker.

“Kubanychbek applies a lot of pressure. He has good stamina and comes from a wrestling background but my boxing is much better than his, I am much better than him", he stated.

Speaking of his early years, Saidjamolov recalled that MMA wasn’t an option for him in the first place, and he had to dedicate himself to boxing for a while before making the transition to Mixed Martial Arts.

"When I was a kid, there was only football, volleyball, and boxing in my city”, he said. “My parents then sent me to boxing. It was only when I went to university that I tried MMA... and loved it. That's how I became an MMA fighter".

Finally, Saidjamolov dismissed any possibility of national rivalry, due to the fact that his opponent is from a neighbouring country. In his opinion, despite cherishing the support he gets from his fellow countrymen, at the end of the day, it’s all about the two individuals inside the BRAVE CF Arena.

"People in Tajikistan are very supportive of me, like really hard. Of course, it’s also a form of pressure, but I'm used to the pressure”, he said. “"It doesn't matter which nation wins, it's just about the fight and the fighters”.

BRAVE CF 46 takes place on January 16 in Sochi, Russia, and will be held in association with the local promoters Krepost Selection. The main event of the evening marks the first title defense for the Super Lightweight World champion Eldar Eldarov, who’ll face the Brazilian challenger Leonardo Mafra in a five-round title showdown.

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