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Pavel Dailidko wants quick turnaround after producing biggest KO of his career at BRAVE CF 70


Posted on Apr 30, 2023

Lithuania’s Heavyweight machine Pavel Dailidko is begging BRAVE Combat Federation to give him a high-profile opponent, someone that can get him closer to a world title shot in his next clash after pulling off his most-impressive career win this past weekend in Ljubljana, Slovenia. “The Experiment” secured his first BRAVE CF victory when he knocked out Slovenia’s Luka Podkrajsek in his backyard at BRAVE CF 70 / WFC 25 on Sunday.
Dailidko and his corner were diligent in their pre-match analysis of Podkrajsek, formulating the perfect plan to break down the unbeaten Slovenian who had amassed three stoppages and one decision win in his professional career before BRAVE CF 70 / WFC 25.
Dailidko planned to attack Podkrajsek's legs before working on the body and head and he carried his strategy out with aplomb, handing out numbing leg kicks, followed by a full-on attack to the upper torso and head.
When Podkrajsek realized he was unprepared for Dailidko's stand-up, he tried to initiate a clinch game with his taller opponent.
“The Experiment'' denied Podkrajsek any comfort, unleashing massive knees to the body before putting together beautiful combinations, which were then concluded by another left knee, this time to the face, sending the WFC Heavyweight champion to the canvas.
“I really enjoyed the fight,” said Dailidko, who secured his fifth knockout in five wins.
“I have been training for that knockout for so long, knees, elbows, everything went according to plan, just like we prepared.
“Based on the fight footage, we always knew he keeps his hands up, always parring. His jab is very slow too, and when a fighter is generally slow on his legs, it leaves him open for leg kicks, which we implemented before going to work on the top,” said the victorious Dailidko.
“I am always the outsider fighting in other countries," said Dailidko, who lost to Bahrain's Shamil Gaziev at BRAVE CF 65 in Isa Town, Bahrain at BRAVE CF 65. "I am always fighting the home favorite, it's quite an experience, and I love it. When the crowd was screaming Luka’s name, I was laughing,” chuckled Dailidko at BRAVE CF’s 20th European event.
Following his impressive knockout, the Lithuanian athlete aims to fight a much stronger opponent in his quest for BRAVE CF gold.
“I would love for BRAVE Combat Federation to give me a step-up in the competition next. I am ready to go straight away. Of course, I need to rest for a few weeks first and focus on my training partners, who all have big fights coming up, including Tom (Aspinall).”
World-renowned Heavyweight star Aspinall played an imperative role in sharpening Dailidko’s fighting artillery and putting his weight behind the Lithuanian, predicting that Dailidko would “smash Podkrajsek” at BRAVE CF 70.
“Tom helped me prepare for BRAVE CF 70, so now I am there to help him for his next big fight, and we just continue to work hard with the aim of moving up,” added Daildiko.

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