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Pavel Dailidko's testimonial about Shaikh Khaled's impact in his life goes viral in Bahrain

Apr 28, 2024

Under the guidance of His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, BRAVE Combat Federation has been leading the change in MMA for nearly eight years now. Ever since its inception in 2016, BRAVE CF has been at the forefront of uplifting the sport and providing a global platform for fighters from regions which were previously untouched by other MMA organizations.
The latest success story that has emerged out of Bahrain’s sporting crown jewel is that of Lithuania’s Pavel Dailidko.
Having made his BRAVE CF debut in 2022, Pavel has fought five times in BRAVE Combat Federation so far.
His most recent victory at BRAVE CF 81 in Slovenia, where he secured a second-round stoppage, became more than just a sporting achievement—it became a testament to the life-changing impact of BRAVE CF. In an emotional post-fight speech, Pavel expressed profound gratitude towards His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa for transforming his life
“I was born in a little village in a little country like Lithuania. There is nobody who knows anything about MMA. I started training MMA at 27 years of age. Lot of sports I did before you know and now, who would think I am here now in BRAVE CF. Shaikh Khaled, Big thank you to him. He took me like a little child, he adopted me. I came nobody to BRAVE CF and they took me here, they gave me their home. Thank you, BRAVE CF,” he said in his post-fight speech.
The video of Pavel’s testimonial has gone viral on the internet; once again highlighting the impact that BRAVE Combat Federation has managed to create in the world of MMA.
BRAVE CF has not only made waves through heartfelt stories like Pavel's but has also set unprecedented records within the MMA community. Having hosted events in 30 nations across the globe, BRAVE CF is poised to expand this number to 31 with its upcoming debut event in Mauritius on May 11—an achievement unmatched by any other MMA organization worldwide.
Moreover, BRAVE CF is the sole international MMA organization to host events in Africa and India, exemplifying its commitment to global outreach. With BRAVE CF 83 scheduled for May 25, the organization is on track to becoming the most hosted MMA organization in Europe.
As BRAVE CF continues to change lives and proudly represent Bahrain on the global stage, 2024 promises to be a historic year for the organization

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