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Pavel Dailidko has his mantra set ahead of BRAVE CF 74: Make money and win fights

Sep 05, 2023

Lithuania's MMA machine Pavel "The Experiment" Dailidko has earned somewhat of a rockstar status since transitioning from basketball. And this coming Thursday, Dailidko can shoot his name into the mesosphere and chase that Heavyweight title when he faces France’s Salim El Oussaidi in a colossal fight in Nantes, France, at BRAVE CF 74. Over the years, Dailidko instilled fear in his opponents with five first-round knockout wins in seven professional fights. 
The Lockdown MMA Heavyweight again showcased his devastating potential when he silenced the entire Slovenian crowd by putting the home favorite and unbeaten Luka Podkrajsek to sleep in the first round of their BRAVE CF 70 fight in Ljubljana earlier this year. That victory cemented the Lithuanian's dominance in the BRAVE CF cage, again warranting his decision to pivot to MMA, as he now aims to continue collecting scalps and big cheques in the fastest-growing sport backed by the fastest-growing MMA brand.
“Basketball is huge in Lithuania, and I was the star player in my school, but I was too old to make money from it. I turned to bodybuilding and encountered the same problem. When they offered me money to fight, I knew it was the right sport for me. I’ve been very disciplined with my career and went through the amateur scene, but when the pandemic hit, I knew I had to go pro. I’ve worked my ass off to get here, and I’m ready to work even harder, make more money, and win big fights’’, says Dailidko, who has never gone beyond the second round since his amateur days.
“The Experiment’s” explosive rise on the professional scene has much to do with his ability to work on his weaknesses and mix it up with the elite Heavyweights of the world as he sharpens his iron with the likes of global stars Tom Aspinall and Phil de Fries at Team Kaobon London in England. While his recent performances have elevated his brand, Dailidko remains grounded and feels he still has much to learn from guys like Aspinall and De Fries.
“I know I’m not at that level yet, but working with these guys brings me closer to achieving what they have achieved. I have learned a lot, and this camp has been very good for me. I’m ready to silence the crowd just as I did in my last fight,” says Dailidko, renowned for heading into “enemy territory” as his last two BRAVE CF fights have seen him compete in his opponents’ backyards. “It seems I’m always fighting the hometown favorite,” says Dailikdo, who also faced Bahrain’s Shamil Gaziev in Isa Town, Bahrain, at BRAVE CF 65.  “But to be honest, I love it. It gives me extra energy, and I feed off the crowd, even if they are against me’’.

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