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Nkosi Ndebele vs Jose Torres trilogy is the biggest fight in African MMA history

May 05, 2024

BRAVE Combat Federation has always been at the forefront in bringing a new era of MMA to Africa and now, as the organization prepares for its debut event in Mauritius, it is going to deliver the biggest fight in the history of African MMA.
BRAVE CF returns to African soil on May 11 for BRAVE CF 82 in Mauritius, marking the third African country to host a BRAVE CF event. Previously, BRAVE CF hosted events in South Africa twice and once in Morocco, making it the only international MMA organization to have hosted events in the African continent. 
The debut event in Mauritius for BRAVE CF has a fitting main event. It will feature a trilogy showdown between Bantamweight world champion Nkosi Ndebele and Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres; a fight that is bound to go into the history books of MMA. 
Not only is this trilogy the first in BRAVE CF history, but it is also the first trilogy in MMA history with each fight happening on a different continent. The first fight took place in South America (Colombia), the second in Asia (Bahrain), and now the third is set to happen in Africa.
Adding to the stakes is the fact that Africa’s own Nkosi Ndebele will be defending his world title on African soil. Hailing from South Africa, Nkosi Ndebele is BRAVE Combat Federation's first completely homegrown world champion. All his professional MMA fights have taken place within BRAVE Combat Federation, showcasing the organization’s commitment to providing a global platform for African athletes.
Representing his nation and continent under the BRAVE CF banner, Nkosi Ndebele has fought in various countries including Indonesia, Bahrain, Colombia, and Brazil. He has also fought in his home country of South Africa twice during his time with BRAVE CF. This time around, he has extra pressure on his shoulder as he will be stepping inside the cage as a world champion representing his continent on his home soil. 
As much as the fight is about Nkosi Ndebele, the fight is also about Jose Torres and his chance for redemption. A former champion, Torres lost his title to Nkosi back at BRAVE CF 80 after being stopped by the African in the third round. In the first fight against Nkosi at BRAVE CF 73, Torres secured a decision victory that later led to debates. Many questioned the decision of the judges, which motivates Torres further to have a decisive victory this time around.  
While he has a chance to reclaim the title, he must fight in enemy territory and work around the home ground advantage of Nkosi. 
On May 11, the eyes of the MMA world will be in Mauritius as Nkosi and Torres will be unfolding the final chapter of their historic trilogy and lock horns in the biggest fight in African MMA history.

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