Muhammad Mokaev Expresses Desire To Fight At BRAVE CF 51 Prompting Challenges From All Corners


Posted on Apr 14, 2021

Muhammad “The Punisher” Mokaev had the most anticipated professional mixed martial arts debut in combat sports history. Fighting under the fastest growing MMA promotion in the world, BRAVE Combat Federation, he followed up that victory with 4 more professional wins cultivating a 28-win unbeaten run in the process.

Mokaev's latest victory against fellow IMMAF World Champion Abdul Hussein has proven to the world that his transition into the big leagues was successful and marked the beginning of a fighter who everyone wants to go up against.

Shortly after the announcement of BRAVE CF 51 in Belarus, Mokaev shared with his following that he would like to take part in the upcoming event on June 4th. The news instantly spread with speculations rising in regard to who will get an opportunity to attempt to change the narrative of this undefeated prodigy.

Russia’s Badmatsyren Dorzhiev took advantage of this opportunity and resurfaced with another message for Mokaev. This time, he shared a video of himself shadow boxing with the caption “We will have a good fight. In Minsk, you said? Good date, good City, beginning of the summer, it will be a bomb.”

This was not Dorzhiev's first attempt at getting the young superstar’s attention. He reached out to Mokaev after his last fight at BRAVE CF 49, where he taunted him for his performance: “Muhammad, since you didn't become a world star let’s fight.”

Dorzhiev is relatively new to MMA with a 5-0 record, however his last two victories have been against much more experiences opponent, Rildeci Dias with over 20 victories under his belt and Oleg Lichkovakha who has fought the likes of Ali Bagautinov inside the BRAVE CF cage.

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