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Mohammed Shahid details how BRAVE CF offers new hope for African MMA fighters, cites comparison of BRAVE CF 82 headliners

May 04, 2024

The commitment of BRAVE Combat Federation towards the growth of MMA in Africa has been evident since the organization’s inception in 2016. So far, athletes from 12 African nations have gained global exposure through the most global MMA organization in the world, in turn, elevating the growth of MMA in their respective countries.
Despite Africa's wealth of talent, most international MMA organizations have overlooked the continent. In fact, BRAVE Combat Federation is the only international MMA organization in the world to have hosted events in Africa.
With three successful events already held on African soil, BRAVE CF is gearing up for its fourth event, BRAVE CF 82, scheduled for May 11 in Mauritius. Beyond the statistics, the impact of BRAVE Combat Federation on African fighters has been profound, transforming lives and elevating the sport across the continent.
BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid touched upon the topic and compared the paths of BRAVE CF 82 headliners Jose ‘Shorty’ Torres and Nkosi Ndebele to highlight how the organization has been able to change lives of MMA fighters and the sport in Africa. 
''[Jose] Torres has always been a very tough and gifted fighter and he has had the opportunities, growing up, to develop himself. In America, there is a gym in every corner, there's martial arts competitions taking place every weekend, so he was able to take full advantage of the environment he was in to be able to become the world-class fighter he is today. He has so much competition experience,” Shahid noted.
On the contrary, the fighters from Africa have been less fortunate but have found new hope thanks to the visionary approach of BRAVE Combat Federation. 
“Someone like Nkosi Ndebele had to really work hard, work his way up and eventually leave Africa to have experience in high-level competition. He did not even know he wanted to become a pro fighter until he came to Bahrain for the IMMAF World Championships. So, there is a gap there in opportunities for African fighters, and we are bridging that gap. BRAVE CF is coming to Africa and is working on giving global opportunities to local fighters and empowering the local scene to have more national, regional competitions to give these athletes proper opportunities to develop themselves,” Shahid added.
While Nkosi Ndebele will be headlining BRAVE CF 82 on May 11, the fight card will also feature the next generation of African MMA stars with the likes of Luthando Biko, Prince Lolia and Ananias Mulumba scheduled to make their BRAVE CF debut. 
With African talent heavily featured on the card and the event happening in Africa, BRAVE CF 82 is bound to go down as another milestone in BRAVE Combat Federation’s mission of bridging the gap towards global superstardom for African MMA fighters. 

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