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BRAVE CFs sports development expansion to reach Bulgaria; Mayor of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov, president Mohammed Shahid discuss possible BRAVE CF show in the city

Feb 21, 2024

BRAVE Combat Federation continues to expand into Europe, with Bulgaria touted as a possible future host for a mega event of the most global MMA organization in the world.
BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid visited Burgas, Bulgaria, at the invitation of mayor Dimitar Nikolov, as the city looks to become the latest home of the fastest-growing mixed martial arts organization in the world.  
During the official visit, Mr. Shahid and Mr. Nikolov discussed potential collaboration in the fields of sports, tourism, and business, and Mr. Nikolov also treated the BRAVE CF delegation to a tour of the city’s sports and infrastructure facilities, with the view to hosting a BRAVE CF show in the future. Mr. Nikolov explained the city was ready to host BRAVE CF in the European summer, and is eager to have joint cooperation to make the show happen.
Burgas is one of the top cities in Bulgaria, and has been credited with hosting K1 events in the past, as MMA and BRAVE CF could bring a new era of sporting structure and development for the city and the country of Bulgaria
Bulgaria could soon join 13 other European countries which have hosted a BRAVE CF show in the past, with the number set to increase to 15 in 2024.
The organization has confirmed six events in five nations in Europe, with Slovenia, Netherlands, Croatia, Germany, and France all to be featured. Out of those, there will be debut shows in the Netherlands and Croatia, with Bulgaria potentially added to the list.

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