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BRAVE CFs Jose Torres is not giving up on the title: I want the trilogy fight

Dec 18, 2023

After losing his BRAVE CF world title last Friday, at BRAVE CF 80, Jose ''Shorty'' Torres is eager to get an immediate rematch with the new champion Nkosi Ndebele. After the fight, Torres complimented his rival on the adjustments made from their first fight, but said he wants to face Ndebele again, in what could become the first trilogy in BRAVE CF history.

Immediately after the bout was waived off by himself, ‘’Shorty’’ spoke about his wishes to have another go at the Bantamweight belt, which now belongs to his rival Ndebele. The former champion was quick to praise the new titleholder’s gameplan and the use of elbows in the first two rounds, which disrupted Shorty’s own path to victory.

‘’Looking back at, I’m live obviously in search of that rematch. I want a third one. We had one where I won, and in this one he definitely made a statement. I want that first trilogy in BRAVE CF history. I hope I get to fight him before anyone else does’’, said ‘’Shorty’’.

For this fight, Ndebele has chosen a new environment, choosing to move his camp to Bali for the rematch. It clearly paid dividends, and Torres noted the difference between fights was much greater than he was expecting.

‘’I knew that, by going to Bali he was going to train more muay that and that he was going to work more on the clinches compared to last time. Immediately, when he started with the elbows, I thought ‘’Ah, that’s that Bali training for you’’. I’m glad he got to mix it up, and glad he got better because it brought out a different side of me He’s very slippery, long, and it’s hard to go for those takedowns’’.

It remains to be seen if Torres will get his wish to go for the first trilogy in BRAVE CF history or if the division moves on with the likes of Hamza Kooheji and Dean Garnett waiting in the wings for a future world title shot.

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