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BRAVE CF’s global media reach makes the promotion the biggest exposure platform for Bahrain

Sep 23, 2023

BRAVE Combat Federation has a global calling, having now broken a world record for most countries hosted. No other organization in the industry has been hosted in 29 countries before, as BRAVE CF has. However, the company founded by His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa is Bahrain-born and proud of it. 
In the last few years, BRAVE CF has become the biggest exposure platform for the Kingdom of Bahrain due to its global media reach and being hosted in a record number of nations.
Everywhere it goes, BRAVE CF is proud to carry the flag of Bahrain, and the national anthem is heard before the beginning of every BRAVE CF event. Cultural values of the Kingdom are also shared worldwide to an ever-increasing audience, as knowledge of Bahrain increases with every show around the globe.
It is also noted that BRAVE CF’s global media reach is the main source of exposure for the country. BRAVE CF holds the biggest market share in Asia and Europe, and is broadcast to over 160 countries, with deals that bring the organization’s potential audience to north of 1 billion households.
BRAVE CF’s achievements worldwide are also a relevant indicator of the kind of positive exposure the organization brings to Bahrain. As the only Bahraini organization with a working partnership with the international federation of a sport, BRAVE CF can increase its awareness through IMMAF’s events, thus also improving the Kingdom’s worldwide exposure.
The sport of MMA also has a very large role to play in being a positive exposure platform for Bahrain. Through the grassroots work of His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the amateur team of the Kingdom is widely considered as the number one in the sport. In fact, it became the first Bahraini national team to be the number-one ranked in any sport ever.
At executive level, Bahrain is also well represented in MMA, as Mohammed Qamber is the Asia Federation president, with MMA joining football as the only two sports to have a Bahraini as head of a continental federation.

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