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BRAVE CF promises to make it up to Bahraini fans after Hamza Koohejis absence announced

Nov 13, 2023

Between December 5 and December 16, the largest combat sports festival on the planet will land in Bahrain for the first time  this year. The BRAVE International Combat Week will take place at the Khalifa Sports City Arena, but will have a noted absence for Bahraini fans: Hamza Kooheji, who's still injured and unable to recover on time to fight at one of the three blockbuster events BRAVE CF has prepared for the BICW 2023.
Kooheji, 30, holds an 8-2 record in BRAVE CF with his latest performance being a convincing decision triumph over Eduardo Mora. With six wins across his last seven fights, the expectation is that he could be on the verge of another title shot. But not all is lost, as the organization is preparing the return of several Bahraini MMA future stars to make up for Hamza's absence - some of which Kooheji himself helped build up.
"It's sad that we will not be able to have Hamza Kooheji in action to help us celebrate what has been a historic year for BRAVE Combat Federation. I know our fans expect him to always be there, but he will be restricted to his  coaching duties this time. He is helping prepare the next wave of Bahraini superstars and we'll see some of those names in action. At BRAVE CF 80, we have Mohammed Alsameea who will be fighting, Abdullah Al-Yaqoob will also be taking to the stage to compete. And we always have one of the pioneers of MMA in Bahrain, which is Hussain Ayyad - so there's plenty to cheer for Bahraini fans'', said BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid, during the BICW press conference.
Tickets for all BRAVE CF events at the BICW 2023 can be purchased at Platinum List HERE– check the calendar for the return of BICW to Bahrain:
BRAVE International Combat Week Calendar
10 December - 16 December
Amateur Asian Championships
5 December 
BRAVE CF 77 - Isa Town, Bahrain
8 December 
BRAVE CF 79 - Isa Town, Bahrain
15 December 
BRAVE CF 80 - Isa Town, Bahrain

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