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BRAVE CF is proud of bringing global MMA to MENA, and is ready for more in 2024, says president Mohammed Shahid

Feb 24, 2024

As the largest sports media property out of the Middle East, BRAVE Combat Federation has taken martial arts in the region to a new level by giving local fighters the opportunity to compete overseas against world-class opposition, while also expanding the Middle East’s reach globally as a hotspot for mixed martial arts and other combat sports events.
With the region continuing to flourish in the combat sports scene, carrying some of the biggest events in boxing and MMA, BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid recently reflected on the changes that were made possible by the vision of His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa. Through BRAVE Combat Federation, the MMA scene in the Middle East has drastically changed from local shows being the only option for the development of the sport in the area, to a global organization born in the Middle East bringing the eyes of the world to the region.
‘’We have seen MMA events in the Middle East, and fighters from the Middle East competing before, with a lot of enthusiasm and passion for the sport. But what was lacking was that Middle Eastern promotion that could showcase the talent from the region on a global platform. And at the same time bring international eyeballs to the Middle East. And BRAVE Combat Federation has made that very important change, with the vision of His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, who has taken that lead of taking the sport on his shoulders and becoming the face of MMA in the Middle East’’ says Shahid, who has spoken about the effects of BRAVE CF on the MENA MMA scene.
‘’Since then, the biggest combat sports events have been happening here. And one of the key reasons for that to happen was the support of the talents, the media platforms and BRAVE CF coming together to showcase what the Middle East can offer internationally, and creating a platform here, in the Middle East, for the world to come and host events, to create a governing structure, sports development programs, and one of the most entertaining martial arts events’’.
However, BRAVE CF won’t stop there, and is looking forward to continuing to lead the improvement of the local mixed martial arts scene, with events in Dubai and Bahrain already confirmed for this year, all the while also empowering the MMA scene in other spaces, such as Europe, Africa, and Latin America.
‘’The growth that we’ve seen here in 2023, and the growth we’ll continue to see in 2024 it’s all very exciting because this has truly become the hub of combat sports, and that is something that we’ll always feel proud of. Although our vision is a global vision, the legacy of what we achieved here in the Middle East is something that we’ll take in our memories. But it doesn’t stop here. We’re looking to continue to expand the MENA MMA scene, to create a sports economy for MMA, and that’s part of our future goals. It’s exciting for us to be back in the UAE, as we’ve been hosting events there since the beginning of BRAVE Combat Federation. It will be our first show in Dubai and there’s so much talent there now, so many fans are in Dubai, and we’re excited to go there for the first time and put on one of the best mixed martial arts shows on the planet’’.

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