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BRAVE CF 81 is set for lift off, as fighters face-off almost ends in brawl

Apr 19, 2024

Heavyweight Haris Aksalic arrived in style with his fleet of 15 luxury cars, and almost brawled with opponent Baki Sahin; Irish fans invaded the ceremony in support of Gerard Burns, who ended up being late entertaining the fans
Haris Aksalic (left) and Baki Sahin (right) almost kicked off at the BRAVE CF 81 Face-Offs
Ahead of BRAVE CF 81 this Saturday in Slovenia, fans were treated to intense staredowns today, setting the stage for an electrifying night of action. 
The Heavyweight face-off between Haris Aksalic and Baki Sahin stole the spotlight with Haris making a grand entrance accompanied by a fleet of nearly 15 supercars, showcasing his status as one of Europe's richest fighters. Post this entrance which caught everyone’s attention, tensions escalated during his stare down as Sahin's shove sparked chaos, requiring officials to intervene and separate the fighters.
Elsewhere, Irish fans turned up the volume and rallied behind Gerard Burns as he faced off against Danijel Spoljaric ahead of their Flyweight fight. Burns and Spoljaric seemed ready to go and got a little too close to each other before they were separated; much to the disappointment of the several Irish fans in attendance. Funnily enough, Burns was busy taking pictures with the fans and almost lost the staredown ceremony.
Monika Kucinic added to the drama by stirring up her opponent, Sofiia Bagishvili, with a provocative staredown before officials intervened. Similarly, tensions ran high between Valdrin Istrefi and Pavel Dailidko as they locked eyes, refusing to look away.
Erko Jun and Said Maalem heated up the atmosphere before ultimately exchanging handshakes and waving their national flags, signalling mutual respect ahead of their high-stakes Light Heavyweight main event on Saturday.
Scheduled to happen at the Hala Tivoli Arena in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in association with WFC, BRAVE CF 81 will kickstart a busy year for BRAVE Combat Federation. The most global MMA organization in the world has so far announced nine events for 2024 including a return to Slovenia in October.  
BRAVE CF 81 Official Weigh In results
Main Card
Light Heavyweight: Erko Jun (93kg) vs Said Maalem (92.4kg)
Super Lightweight: David Forster (75.1kg) vs Christian Mach (75.1kg)
Heavyweight: Pavel Dailidko (110.7kg) vs Valdrin Istrefi (119.6kg)
Strawweight: Monika Kucinic (52.6kg) vs Sofiia Bagishvili (51.7kg)
Preliminary Card
Heavyweight: Haris Aksalic (115.6kg) vs Baki ?ahin (112.7kg)
Heavyweight: Karim Aras (116.5kg) vs Patryk Dubiela (112kg)
Super Welterweight: Domen Drnovsek (79.1kg) vs Andrian Murug (79.7kg)
Flyweight: Gerard Burns (57.2kg) vs Danijel Spoljaric (56.9kg)

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