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BRAVE CF 75 Official weigh-ins: Donovan Desmae misses weight, but main event is confirmed

Nov 17, 2023

For a few minutes, BRAVE Combat Federation’s debut in Spain was almost without a main event. Donovan Desmae missed weight for his Super Lightweight bout with Tenerife’s Acoidan Duque, but the Spaniard agreed to face his Belgian counterpart regardless of the weight miss. BRAVE CF 75, which takes place tomorrow, November 18, in Tenerife, will go on with all bouts.
Duque, who stepped on the scales at 74.9kg, will receive a percentage of Donovan Desmae’s fight purse, as the Belgian weighed in at 76.4kg for their Super Lightweight main event. The bout goes ahead and Tenerife will indeed watch its MMA biggest hero in action.
Elsewhere, there were no weight-misses, with the four fighters included in both Catchweight bouts of the evening either weighing in at exactly the contracted weight or slightly below.
BRAVE Combat Federation will host its first show in Spain, as the country becomes the 30th to host a BRAVE CF event, meaning the organization will extend its own world record, currently at 29 nations, a number that has not been achieved by any other promotion.
BRAVE CF 75 takes place in association with leading local organization Fight2One.
Where: Pancho Camurria Arena, Tenerife, Spain
When: Saturday, November 18
Start time: 8PM (GMT) – Tenerife local time
Where to Watch: HERE
Official Weigh-In Results
Super Lightweight: Acoidan Duque (74.9kg) vs Donovan Desmae (76.4kg)*
Featherweight: Kevin Cordero (65.62kg) vs Levan Kirtadze (65.52kg)
Catchweight 77kg: Alexander Mikael (77kg) vs Omar Hussein (76.9kg)
Catchweight 59kg: Ubay Gonzalez (59kg) vs Jawany Scott (59kg)
Lightweight: Anuar Bensayiid (70.52kg) vs Quentin Dumont (69.62kg)
*Missed weight, forfeits 35% of his fight purse

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