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Acoidan Duque is ready to become the face of Spain at BRAVE CF 75

Nov 13, 2023

Next weekend, BRAVE Combat Federation will head to Spain for the first time ever when they arrive in Tenerife for a blockbuster show. BRAVE CF 75 takes place in Acoidan Duque's hometown, on November 18th, in association with Fight2One. There are plenty of intriguing bouts up and down the card, but perhaps none are more fascinating than the main event.
For the first time ever, veteran Acoidan Duque will make the walk for BRAVE CF as he attempts to make a name for himself in the Super Lightweight division. At the age of 35, this is the kind of opportunity he’s been waiting for - to be the face of his country in a global promotion and have the opportunity to headline an international show on home soil.
Of course, he has competed for other major promotions, but hasn't had the opportunity to be the main attraction and to lead his country at home. Duque has long since been viewed as an influential figure in the Spanish mixed martial arts scene, and as one of the poster boys, he’ll be feeling a real pressure to perform in front of his own people.
Alas, while this may be his first appearance at 165 pounds, some would argue this is the weight class he’s been waiting for. Duque has had trouble with missing weight in the past, and if he can show that he’s capable of staying on the right path, this could turn out to be a real career renaissance for him.
The country of Spain will be breaking a lot of records for BRAVE CF as the 30th nation to have ever hosted one of the company’s events. In equal measure, the Spanish fighters on this card have the chance to show the world that this is a region with a great deal of potential in the years to come.
Desmae is going to bring his best, but we can guarantee that “El Pei” will be right there with him.
BRAVE CF 75 - Tenerife, Spain - Saturday, November 18 - Main Card*
Super Lightweight: Acoidan Duque vs Donovan Desmae 
Featherweight: Kevin Cordero vs Levan Kirtadze 
Catchweight 77kg: Alexander Mikael vs Omar Hussein
Catchweight 59kg: Ubay Gonzalez vs Jawany Scott
Lightweight: Anuar Bensayiid vs Quentin Dumont

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